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Rogers’ New ‘Suretap’

I don’t see how this is any easier than just using my credit card. As a matter of fact, it seems like there’s more steps involved. The only thing I like about this is that I don’t need to use the same terminal a billion other people have used.


iOS Spotlight Concept Video

I never use Spotlight on iOS. Maybe if it was more like this, I actually would.


New App Released: Kill Death Ratio

I like to monitor my Call of Duty (CoD) statistics, like kills, deaths, kill/death ratio, and win/loss ratio. (Call of Duty is an online first person shooter.) Call of Duty Elite is fine and all, but it only tracks your stats for a limited amount of time. Also, I found it less than reliable.

So I created an app for tracking my stats. The app tracks kills, deaths, wins, and losses, per game type and map. Plus, when you turn the phone sideways, it shows a chart of your information, and there are five different charts to choose from. They were the five I found personally helpful, but if you guys have suggestions, I’d love to hear them. This app was mainly for personal use, but I decided to release it to the app store as well. It actually works for any shooter, because you enter the information like map names and game types yourself. But only once! Once you’ve entered a map name, for example, you just touch and hold the maps button for a list of previously entered maps. But I just use it for CoD. The version on the app store only allows a limited number of games and matches, but you can buy an unlimited number for just a dollar.

Please download, rate, and give feedback.

I’d love to hear if people are finding this app as useful as I do.

Kill Death Ratio is a new iOS app in Apple’s app store.

Here is the main screen. Add as many games as your want (with in-app purchase):

Here is a view of the matches you had in a game. You can customize how many to see.

Chart of kill/death ratio per game:

Chart of kills and deaths, along with a target line you can set:


Beautiful Bucket List

I released my latest iOS app to the Apple app store, and I totally forgot to mention it here. I also forgot to create a page about it here. I guess my promotional skills need some work!

Anyway, my app is called Beautiful Bucket List – Life Long To Do. It’s a bucket list app that joins an item in your bucket list with an image. I think that the app looks really sharp, and that’s why I named it the way I did. The app includes about a dozen photos I found royalty-free online. My photographer uncle didn’t like the sound of that. :) But with the amount of money I’ve been making on my iPhone apps, I really need to keep them as cheep as possible.

I have found bugs both in the code to showcase my other apps, as well as in the in-app purchase code (nothing that’ll actually stop the app from working or deal you any harm). So I’ll be putting out a minor bug fix update soon.

Also coming soon will be a page on this site dedicated to the app. I’m no web designer, so I hope I can make it look nice for all of you.

Here’s an image of the settings screen, as a tease. The app is free, so please download it and leave me a nice rating! :)


It’s July 2012. Five things I want from iPhone / iOS.

I got my iPhone 4S late last year. It has iOS 5 installed, and will be running the already-announced iOS 6 this fall. But it might be doing so in the hands of my wife as I upgrade to the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5.

I’ve been reading about all sorts of other phones like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Nokia 900 and the will-it-ever-get-here new BlackBerry running their new version 10. Lots of the stuff out there doesn’t really grab my attention. Higher DPI cameras don’t interest me. Faster hardware is nice, but my iPhone 4S is plenty fast already. Movies and sports Siri integration sounds interesting. Well, at least the movies part does.

But what would I really like to see? What hardware upgrades would I like to see in the iPhone 5, and which features do I wish were in iOS that weren’t announced? I seem to be a pretty unimaginative sort, because I’m pretty happy. But I’ll try to come up with a few things.

  1. Siri Improvements
    While I’m pretty happy with the speed of my iPhone 4S, I am not happy with Siri’s speed. Siri needs to be more responsive when first invoked, and it needs to get the results of my queries faster. I know that it needs to connect to servers for lots of its intelligence, so maybe some of that can be brought down to the phone’s level. I don’t know. I do know that it’s too slow. I also wish the speech recognition would be more accurate. I try to enunciate very clearly when I talk to Siri, but it still gets many words wrong. That needs to change.
  2. Widgets
    If you’re one of the seven people who read this space, you’ll know I’ve asked for this before. I want widgets. I don’t want Android style widgets. Those are ugly and unwieldy. I want iOS style widgets, which I assume would be integrated well into the home screen, and perform with rules that don’t drain my battery in an hour.
  3. Larger Screen
    I like how compact my iPhone 4S is. I can’t imagine using one of those crazy “phablet” things. So if the rumours turn out to be true, and the iPhone 5 is the same width as my iPhone 4S, but thinner and a bit taller, and with a bigger screen, I’ll be happy. So I guess I’m asking for something that’s widely rumoured to be true, but that doesn’t make me want it any less.
  4. Better Low-Light Pictures
    If I’m taking a picture with great lighting, my picture will look wonderful. But pictures taken in low light conditions look grainy and terrible. Indoor pictures just don’t come out looking nearly as nice as outdoor pictures. I hope something can be done about this.
  5. Better File Handling
    I want to be able to store files on my phone and open them in a number of different apps. I want to pass files, links, bookmarks, etc, between my iPhone and my Mac a lot easier. iCloud, and some of its promised features in iOS 6, will help a little. But I don’t think it’s going far enough.

I’m sure there are other features that if someone mentions them I’ll say “oh yeah!”, but that’s all I can think of right now. What’s on your list?


Rumours and Traction

I don’t have any answers to this. This post is more of a question than anything else. Or maybe a statement of wonderment. Or of confusion.

Right now the latest rumours are of a 7″ iPad. But before that it was all about the tall screen on the next iPhone. And before that it was… oh I don’t remember anymore. I was talking to a guy a couple weeks ago, and he mentioned this prototype iPhone where a keyboard is projected onto a surface, and you could type using it. Yeah, I’d seen the video too. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it was total fabrication. Because he thought it was real and Apple was working on it.

So why are there so many rumours? Why do people get so caught up in this stuff? And more importantly, why do some people believe this stuff?

Every day I read a bunch of Apple websites and blogs and scan for the latest news and information. Lots of what I scan are these rumours. I’ll scan the headline, but I rarely read the article. Sometimes I do, if the rumour is particularly interesting or fresh. But these rumours hardly ever come true, and generally I don’t want to waste my time reading them. The more crazy the rumour, the more likely it is to be false. Not news, I know. But then why do so many people fall for this stuff? Or do they not, and it’s all the equivalent of a high tech tabloid?


Do I read a tabloid? I’ve always scoffed at tabloids and their appeal-to-the-baseness-of-humanity mentality. Are rumours about Apple products the high tech equivalent of tabloids? Man, I hope not, because then I won’t be able to look myself in the mirror anymore. I read one of those rumours just last week!


Google Now – Is this Google’s Siri?

This reminds me a lot of Siri.


iOS Local Notifications

I used local notifications for the first time, and I thought I’d post the code here in case you found it useful. It’s a mixture of stuff I found free on the internet and my own modifications. Note that I’m using ARC so there’s no garbage collection.

+ (void) localNotification:(NSString *)text alertAction:(NSString *)action minutesFromNow:(NSTimeInterval)minutesFromNow
UILocalNotification *notification = [[UILocalNotification alloc] init];
if (notification == nil)

NSDate *date = [NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:minutesFromNow*60];
notification.fireDate = date;
notification.timeZone = [NSTimeZone defaultTimeZone];
notification.alertBody = text;
notification.alertAction = action;
notification.soundName = UILocalNotificationDefaultSoundName;

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] scheduleLocalNotification:notification];

That’s it!


Another Freaky iPhone Concept Video


Windows Phone 8′s Live Tiles

I was disappointed that iOS 6 didn’t have widget support. Now that I see what Microsoft is doing with Live Tiles in Windows Phone 8, I’m even more disappointed.