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iBorrow (IOU)

Available Soon!

Never lose track of the things or money that you’ve borrowed from others or that they’ve lent to you. This app lets you choose contacts or manually add people. Then you can track what you’ve lent to that person or borrowed. Adding dollar amounts is easy! Any number you enter is automatically converted to currency. If you return a something which is a currency, you can choose to pay back only a portion. Not only that, but you can do it in style, with four different themes to choose from.


Featured App: Mood of the Nation

At the end of summer 2009 I accepted a full time position with a local startup called PurpleForge. I became the first full time employee, and my job was (and still is) to create iPhone apps built on PurpleForge technology.

The first thing I did was take a prototype app they already had commissioned, and finish it off. This app became Mood of the Nation. I took the raw app and changed a lot of the code, streamlining it and also adding a bunch of functionality as well.

MotN_1This is the main page which shows a graph of recent activity. You can swipe the image left and right to get more graphs. You can set up your account with the button in the bottom left corner, and also set preferences.

MotN_2In the second tab you can set your mood. When you send an update, you can also send your mood to Twitter and/or Facebook.

Here you can track what everyone is saying regarding Mood of the Nation on Twitter.

MotN_4The app also has question-of-the-day functionality. The app queries our servers for questions to ask, and after you’ve answered the question you can see everyone else’s answer as an aggregate.


Featured Client: Aurnhammer LLC

Aurnhammer LLC, based in New York city, was one of my first clients as a freelance iPhone developer. I started work for them back in December of 2008, working on the P!nk app. I also worked on The Fray, the Stanley Level app, a real estate app, a vodka app, and a casino app.

I learned a lot about how to manage the client relationships. I do all my work from my home office in Ottawa, so we needed to use email, phone, skype, and other web based tools in order to communicate. I learned that having good bug tracking and project management systems is a must. I now use unfuddle with my new clients if they don’t have a system in place.


Featured App: Senses

Senses was one of the first apps that I created as a freelancer. It was definitely a learning experience, but I enjoyed it immensely. Like the P!nk and The Fray apps, I had to use audio. This time I had to play audio for the right ear and the left ear and to change the volume according to what loudness is being tested. I also learned more about both user and client interaction. They client was based in Australia, so often we would have IM chats in the morning for me, but late at night for them.