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The new iPad (not the iPad 3)

I’ve had an iPad 1 since around the time it came out, thanks to my employer. But beyond using it for work purposes (we create iPad apps too!) I didn’t really use it a lot. I just found it easier to grab my iPhone, which I always had on me, than to look around for the iPad.

My employer didn’t get me an iPad 2, which is fine, but he was kind enough to provide me with an iPad 3 new iPad. It was a big step for me because not only did I get the awesome retina display and better camera and more memory, but I also got all the improvements the iPad 2 had made that I never got to see.

So what do I like most about my new iPad? That’s easy. Two things: the retina display (of course), and the rounded aluminum edges. The iPad 1 had rather sharp edges which made holding the device a little uncomfortable. It is much nicer to hold the new iPad (and iPad 2 I guess). And the retina display! What can I say about the retina display! It is gorgeous.

What do I dislike about the new iPad? Same thing I disliked about my previous iPad: it’s too heavy. I’m not sure, but I think that even though the new iPad is slightly heavier than the iPad 2, it’s still lighter than the original iPad. But it’s still too heavy. I’d like to handle it easily with one hand, and I can’t.

So am I using the new iPad more than the previous one? Yes, actually, I am. I’m using it quite a bit more. I downloaded TweetBot for iPad, and am using the Tweet Marker service to keep it in sync with my iPhone’s TweetBot. Other apps I’m using a lot are Reeder and Flipboard. Oh, and Safari of course. All in all I’m quite pleased with the new iPad, and I plan on using it a whole lot more than I ever used the original.

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