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Tweet Marker – Not so Much

I was excited when I read that Tweetbot would be integrating Tweet Marker support. Tweet Marker is a service that keeps you in sync between different Twitter clients, so you don’t miss any tweets in your timeline. I didn’t have a Twitter client for the Mac. Up until now I’ve never bothered, precisely because which tweets I’ve read couldn’t be kept in sync. But now they could, so I needed to find a client for the Mac.

I found that Twitterrific was the only Mac client that supported Tweet Marker, which was fine. Especially because it was on sale for just five bucks. So I bought and installed it on my Mac.

I can now report that Tweet Marker doesn’t work very well. The Twitterrific folks replied to my complaining tweets about this by saying that it works for them. Great for them. But no help to me. They pointed out that I have to exit the apps for optimal performance, but that didn’t seem to help much. (It did help a little.) Sometimes it worked going from Twitterrific to Tweetbot. But not if Tweetbot had to load so many tweets that it had to skip some – even if the marker was on a tweet that was not skipped. Going from Tweetbot to Twitterrific was even worse. It just wasn’t reliable.

So now I’m back to a one-client Twitter universe. Back to Tweetbot. I hope the Tweet Marker, Tweetbot, and Twitterrific folks can get this stuff working, because I’d really love to use it.

[Update: Now that I've read this post, I almost want to give Tweet Marker another chance. I'll tell you what happens if I do.]

  • I’ve had the same experience. Even just using Twitterrific on the desktop sometimes as I skip through accounts (command-j) the marker moves to where I left things and other times, all day today for instance, it stays where it was first thing in the morning. Apparently echofon syncs, I guess I’ll try that now.



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