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Mobile Monday Ottawa

A week and a half ago I went to my first Mobile Monday Ottawa event.

I’m not the most social of people, I’m not a type A, and I am definitely an introvert. But recently I decided to branch out a bit and go to some social events here in Ottawa. It started at Startup Drinks Ottawa (@OTTStartupoDrink on Twitter), where I met a few people. I didn’t really move from table to table (we only made one such move when the table we were at was getting too crowded), but luckily lots of people wanted to drop by our table. I met some new people and added them to my Twitter stream.

Next up was CocoaHeads Ottawa. They had two very interesting presentations, but there wasn’t a lot of socializing. Maybe that happened at the bar afterwards, but from what I saw, not a lot of people went to that (I didn’t).

Last was Mobile Monday, and it was a great event. One of the organizers was Macadamian, an old employer of mine. I couldn’t believe they’re up to about 170 people now! When I was there, the company was about 25 people in size.

There were several headhunters at the Mobile Monday event, looking for mobile developers. That made me feel good because, you know, I’m a mobile developer.

Much to my chagrin I had to miss the last Startup Drinks Ottawa, but I’ll definitely try to make the next one. There are a lot of interesting people to talk to, even if I’m doing a lot more listening than talking.

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